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Villa Rustica – Terrace

Bratislava, Residential buildings

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VILLA RUSTICA – TERRACE is located in close contact of the pine forest – the tip of the Devínska Kobyla massif. Thanks to its location on a gentle terrain high above the Záhorie lowland, the project got a nice view of Devínska Kobyla, Malé Karpaty and Záhorie lowland.

Separate villas are located on sloping terrain and connected by a common base of underground floors. Thanks to this configuration, the surrounding landscaped terrain and the mass of the new building are adapted to stepped terraces. Many of the apartments in the project have acquired enormous private garden terraces, thanks to which they have obtained the quality of a family house.
The use of human scale and beautiful views have prepared a number of surprising scenes. The main motif of the architecture is the continuous soft and round horizontal lines winding around the houses in the form of cornice and subtle balconies.