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The group being formed under the name ARCHIKÓD was established in 1985 as an independent architectural practice. The group has constantly changed its formation and since 1992 its main focus is on real estate development. The group’s main activities are based in Bratislava and Prague. Architectural design and real estate development is the main focus of the future.

Prokopova 148/15, 130 00 Praha 3, ČR,
IČO: 243 15 702


Architectural practice was established in 1985 as a free informal partnership of independent architects and urban planners. The formation has been constantly changing and is changing continuously, currently employing 10 creative architects and other specialists. The main focus and goal is the creation and the search for architecture (code), providing a never ending search for quality.

Vavrica architects specializes in architecture and building design. We provide complete design and engineering services for residential and civil buildings. We can provide documention for all stages of project development from initial concept design up to documentation for planning and building permission. In cooperation with our partner company ARCHIkÓD a.s. we can provide perfect basis for realisation of successful projects on a high professional level.

Zámocká 36, 811 01 Bratislava,
IČO: 35 771 798